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We offer tours at all locations. Our tours take you to all the sights in the area. Tours can start from any rank or maybe you prefer a hotel pick-up - if so just scroll down to the Riders on Duty list to call a rider to arrange this.

Green Cabs - Brisbane Tours

tour what you will see price for 2 adults price for 3 adults time
GoMA Riverside Ride Big Wheel to Kurilpa Bridge and return, travelling along the river and past GoMA $20 $30 10 min
South Bank Sights Ride along Clem Jones Promenade past River Quay to the Goodwill Bridge then travel via Picnic Island Rainforest through South Bank to Little Stanley Street, where you will see the picturesque restaurant precinct before returning to the Big Wheel $30 $40 20 min
Victoria and Kurilpa Bridges Loop From the Big Wheel travel over Victoria Bridge past the Treasury Casino and along George Street to return over the magnificent Kuripla Bridge and GoMA and the State Library via the river path $40 $55 30 min
Goodwill and Kurlipa Bridges Loop Ride along Clem Jones Promenade past River Quay to travel over Goodwill Bridge to the Botanical Gardens and QUT. Then travel down historical George Street past the Treasury Casino before travelling back to the Big Wheel via the beautiful Kurilpa Bridge, GoMA and the State Library all along the river path $55 $70 40 min
The Grand Riverside Tour A full city tour including Kurilpa and Goodwill Bridge crossings, the Botanical Gardens including views of the Story Bridge and Kangaroo Point cliffs, travelling all the way to Customs House past the Riverside Centre, returning via historical George St past Treasury Casino to GoMA and the Big Wheel $80 $95 1 hr
Your choice ... Design your own tour and discuss it with your rider ...


  • children under 8 travel free with 2 paying adults – weight restrictions apply

Bonus offers

  • print out our Riverside Tours brochure which includes a discount voucher on all our riverside tours
  • all Green Cabs' passengers are entitled to a 2 for 1 deal on the Wheel of Brisbane, saving you $20 for one adult ticket, simply by finishing your tour at the Big Wheel (ask your rider).

Riders on duty this week 


name phone wed-sat 6pm sat 6pm - tue
Alessandra de Souza 0468764517 X X
Baterdene Sanjid 0410404748   X
Batsaikhan Batjargal 0452509345 X X
Couda dion 0475057669 X X
Dario Fernando 0424679203 X X
Emilio Zuniga 0415232430 X X
Jose Ocando 0451549976 X X
Jorge D U Escobar 0405700876 X X

Surfers Paradise

name phone
Andrea Baraldi 0401509633
Daniel Heraso 0450105284
Desiree Mueller 0490326529
Eduardo Knoch 0415096636
Frank Castaneda 0424344855
Hasan Bingol 0423459824
Marcelo Silvestre 0422081394
Pablo Valderrama Suaza 0431376641
Tarek Benfouzi Carbonell 0423049650
Tomas Klaus 0416815753


name phone
Julio Coura 0422670423
James Erdmann 0421072662
Nicolas Cano 0401280453
Cristobal Gaete 0450514726
Kid Jonathan Rubio 0405348747
Nicolas Cordon 0431883516
Danny Beyer 0490492284
Manon Riffault 0420983714
Ricardo Giannini 0404488129
Luca Rota 0434011063
Manuel Umbarila 0410365330
Andrea Mayorga Morales 0420789414
Felipe Cano 0468791763

When and where we operate (Brisbane)

Green Cabs offers Riverside Tours during our normal operating hours:

  • Friday evenings: 5pm-late
  • Saturdays: 11am-late
  • Sundays: 11am-6pm
  • School holidays: 11am-6pm (limited service)
  • Public holidays: 11am-6pm (limited service)

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Please Note: Green Cabs do not operate in rainy days. Children under 8 years travel for free with 2 fare paying adults. While our service is fully insured passengers should note there are risks involved when you ride a Green Cab.

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